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Independent Wrestling Revolution
IWR Heavyweight Championship
IWR Heavyweight Championship
IWR Tag Team Championship
IWR King Of The Indies Championship
Yukon Braxton Memorial Championship

1-26-2002 Yukon Braxton (Sterling Heights, MI)

-Defeated Gabriel Brimstone to become the first ever IWR Heavyweight champion.

5-31-2002 VACATED

-Yukon Braxton was stripped of the title when he left the IWR.

6-22-2002 Mr. Insanity (Sterling Heights, MI)

-Defeated Homeless Jimmy for the vacant championship.

9-21-2002 VACATED

-Mr. Insanity was stripped of the title when he failed to appear for a scheduled title defense.

9-21-2002 "The Next" Bryer Wellington (Sterling Heights, MI)

-Defeated CK3 for the vacant championship.

4-19-2003 "Sweet" Stevie Lee (Sterling Heights, MI)

6-27-2003 VACATED

-Stevie Lee was stripped of the title for not defending within 30 days.

6-27-2003 N8 Mattson (Sterling Heights, MI)

-Pinned "The Future" Chris Sabin in an 8-man tag team match in which the winner of the pinfall would be awarded the vacant title.  The teams were: N8 Mattson/Truth Martini/Anthony Rivera/Bryer Wellington vs. Jimmy Jacobs/Elvis Elliott/NWA-TNA X Division Champ Chris Sabin/NWA World Champ AJ Styles.