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National Federation of Wrestling
NFW Heavyweight Championship
NFW Heavyweight Championship
NFW Tag Team Championship
NFW United States Championship
NFW Cruiserweight Championship
NFW Midwest Extreme Championship
NFW Junior Lightweight Championship
NFW Hardcore Championship

9-2-2000 Timebomb (Exeland, WI)

-Won a battle royal for the first championship, last eliminating Mike Mercury.


-Timebomb was forced to vacate the title due to injury.

4-28-2001 Red Lightning (1) (Ladysmith, WI)

-Won a Royal Rumble-style match for the vacant title, last eliminating Darkchild.

5-12-2001 Tiny Tubbs (1) (Exeland, WI)

8-10-2001 Tim Storm (Ladysmith, WI)

9-1-2001 Tiny Tubbs (2) (Exeland, WI)

2-15-2002 "Superstar" Steve Stardom (1) (Hayward, WI)

4-27-2002 Red Lightning (2) (Wisconsin Rapids, WI)

7-13-2002 KC Styles (Eland, WI)

-Defeated Red Lightning and Judge Jesse in a three-way match.

8-9-2002 Red Lightning (3) (Ladysmith, WI)

4-19-2003 Logan Lasher (Barron, WI)

5-10-2003 VACATED

-Logan Lasher was stripped of the title after missing two title defenses.

5-10-2003 "Superstar" Steve Stardom (2) (Prentice, WI)

-Won a 15-man battle royal for the vacant title.

6-1-2003 Darkchild (Ladysmith, WI)

9-1-2003 Red Lightning (4) (Hawkins, WI)

-Defeated Darkchild and Adrian Lynch in a three-way match.

5-2004 VACATED

-Red Lightning was stripped of the title for failure to defend and leaving NFW.

5-8-2004 Tejas (Wisconsin Rapids, WI)

-Defeated Ian Xavier in a tournament final for the vacant title.

6-2004 VACATED

-Tejas was stripped of the title after missing 5 title defenses.

6-13-2004 Tiny Tubbs (Cornell, WI)

-Defeated "Superstar" Steve Stardom for the vacant title.