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National Federation of Wrestling
NFW Tag Team Championship
NFW Heavyweight Championship
NFW Tag Team Championship
NFW United States Championship
NFW Cruiserweight Championship
NFW Midwest Extreme Championship
NFW Junior Lightweight Championship
NFW Hardcore Championship

9-2-2000 Tiny Tubbs & El Supremo (Exeland, WI)

-Defeated Mike Mercury & Kevin Krueger for the first championship.

4-28-2001 Amerikid & Rayzor Blade (Ladysmith, WI)

8-10-2001 El Supremo & Shinobi (Ladysmith, WI)

9-28-2001 J-Real & Dysfunction (Ladysmith, WI)

3-9-2002 Chaz Kildare & Damon Ray (Stratford, WI)

-Defeated J-Real & KC Styles, substituting for Dysfunction, who had missed two title defenses.

4-27-2002 J-Real & Logan Lasher (1) (Wisconsin Rapids, WI)

-Defeated Chaz Kildare & Judge Jesse, substituting for Damon Ray, who had missed two title defenses.

8-4-2002 Boogieman & Mercenary (Ingram, WI)

-Defeated Logan Lasher in a handicap match when J-Real did not appear for the match.

8-9-2002 Skullcrusher & Jason Dukes (Ladysmith, WI)

9-2002 VACATED 

-Skullcrusher & Jason Dukes were stripped of the title for missing a mandatory title defense.

10-4-2002 J-Real & Logan Lasher (2) (Manitowac, WI)

-Defeated Boogieman & Mercenary for the vacant title.

10-19-2002 Rob Stardom & Ronnie Attitude (Ladysmith, WI)

-Defeated J-Real & Sonny Beach, substituting for an absent Logan Lasher, and Darkwolf & Havoc in a three-way match.

10-19-2002 Darkchild & Red Lightning (Ladysmith, WI)

5-10-2003 Trey & Cameron Steele (Prentice, WI)

7-2003 VACATED

8-9-2003 Boogieman & Steve Stardom (1) (Rib Lake, WI)

-Defeated Shinobi & Major Chaos in a tournament final.

11-15-2003 Renny D & Eclipse (Augusta, WI)

2-8-2004 Shinobi & Major Chaos (Holcombe, WI)

5-30-2004 Boogieman & Steve Stardom (2) (Ladysmith, WI)

6-2004 VACATED

-Boogieman & Steve Stardom surrendered the title due to injuries.

6-13-2004 Stumpy & Busty Loads (Cornell, WI)

-Defeated Shinobi & Punk Ninja for the vacant title.

7-30-2004 Darkchild & Boogieman (Hayward, WI)

-Darkchild defeated Stumpy Loads in a singles match with the Tag Team Title on the line. He chose Boogieman as his partner.