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Great Lakes All Pro Wrestling
GLAPW Tag Team Championship


GLAPW Heavyweight Championship
GLAPW Tag Team Championship
GLAPW Cruiserweight Championship
GLAPW Michigan Championship

6-14-2002 Jimmy Shawlin & Magnum Conroy (Bay City, MI)

-Defeated JQ Publik & Reggie Marley in a tournament final.

8-30-2002 Reggie Marley & Ricky James (Rockwood, MI)

-Ricky James substituted for JQ Publik; Marley & Publik became recognized as champs.

11-1-2002 VACATED

11-1-2002 Slasher & Overkill (Rockwood, MI)

-Defeated Alex Shelly & Richard Cross and Jimmy Shawlin & Magnum Conroy in a three-way match for the vacant title.

4-26-2003 VACATED

-Title was held up after a controversial finish between the Suicycos (Slasher & Overkill), Ebony Express (Publik & Marley), and Pete Christie & Bobo Brown.