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Maximum Pro Wrestling/Border City Wrestling
BCW Can-Am Championship


MXPW Heavyweight/Unified Heavyweight Championship
MXPW (BCW) Tag Team Championship
MXPW Cruiserweight/Unified Television Championship
BCW Can-Am Championship
BCW Television Championship

6-13-1992 The Canadian Patriot (Amherstburg, ON)

-Defeated Bobby Clancy in a tournament final to crown the first BCW Can-Am Champion.

3-29-1993 Denny Kass (Warren, ON)

5-29-1993 Mickey Doyle (1) (LaSalle, ON)

7-4-1993 Rock Stevens (Livonia, MI)

7-29-1993 VACATED

8-14-1993 Scott D'Amore (1) (Noelville, ON)

-Defeated Otis Apollo for the vacant title.

5-6-1994 Jack Steel (North Bay, ON)

5-7-1994 Scott D'Amore (2) (Noelville, ON)

6-17-1994 Mickey Doyle (2) (Wallaceburg, ON)

3-10-1995 Scott D'Amore (3) (Oldcastle, ON)

4-21-1995 Bruiser Bedlam (LaSalle, ON)

6-23-1995 Scott D'Amore (4) (LaSalle, ON)

5-17-2000 Sabu (London, ON)

3-7-2001 VACATED

3-7-2001 Tommy Dreamer (Oldcastle, ON)

-Defeated Scott D'Amore and Rhino in a three-way match for the vacant title.

4-18-2001 Scott D'Amore (5) (Oldcastle, ON)

4-18-2001 Mikey Whipwreck (Oldcastle, ON)

11-27-2001 Johnny Swinger (Oldcastle, ON)

3-6-2003 D'Lo Brown (Oldcastle, ON)

-D'Lo Brown defeated Gangrel for the MXPW Heavyweight Title on 4-17-2003.  This unified the MXPW Heavyweight and BCW Can-Am titles into the MXPW Unified Heavyweight Title.