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Minnesota Independent Wrestling
MIW Cruiserweight Championship
MIW Heavyweight Championship
MIW Tag Team Championship
MIW Cruiserweight Championship
MIW Television Championship

3-4-2000 "Playboy" Pete Huge (Waverly, MN)

-Defeated "Sherriff" Johnny Emerald.

6-3-2000 "Sherriff" Johnny Emerald (Becker, MN)

7-1-2000 Shifty (St. Paul, MN)


11-11-2000 Robbie Thunder (1) (Lynd, MN)

-Defeated Helmut Von Strauss for the vacant title.

9-15-2001 Soul Brother #1 (Fridley, MN)

11-10-2001 Robbie Thunder (2) (Fridley, MN)

11-10-2001 VACATED

-Robbie Thunder surrendered the title after winning it.

2-9-2002 "The Truth" Austin Aries (Fridley, MN)

-Defeated Justin Lee in a tournament final for the vacant title.

12-14-2002 Justin Lee (1) (Fridley, MN)

9-20-2003 "Playboy" Pete Huge (2) (Big Lake, MN)

11-22-2003 Justin Lee (2) (Montrose, MN)