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World League Wrestling
WLW Heavyweight Championship
WLW Heavyweight Championship
WLW Tag Team Championship

2-12-1999 "Atomic Dogg" Steve Sharp (Springfield, MO)

-Defeated Greg "The Hammer" Valentine to become the first champion.

4-17-1999 "Sheik" Derek Stone (1) (Quincy, IL)

11-13-1999 VACATED

-Derek Stone was stripped of the title after a controversial victory over Luminous Warrior. A rematch was scheduled for the next night.

11-14-1999 "Sheik" Derek Stone (2) (Oak Park, MO)

-The title was awarded back to Derek Stone when an injury prevented Luminous Warrior from competing in the rematch.

1-22-2000 Luminous Warrior (1) (California, MO)

1-23-2000 "Sheik" Derek Stone (3) (Lexington, MO)

2-26-2000 Luminous Warrior (2) (Iberia, MO)

3-18-2000 Mr. Destiny (Mexico, MO)

3-31-2000 Luminous Warrior (3) (Kahoka, MO)

-Mr. Destiny had won the match after hitting Luminous Warrior with the title belt. Harley Race reversed the decision, awarding Luminous the title and suspending Destiny.

4-20-2000 Meng (1) (Garin Valley, MO)

4-22-2000 Trevor Rhodes (Eldon, MO)

6-17-2000 The Griz (1) (Osage Beach, MO)

10-20-2000 Meng (2) (Springfield, MO)

-Defeated The Griz and Mr. Destiny in a three-way match.

11-3-2000 The Barbarian (Belle, MO)

-The Barbarian was awarded the title when Meng, his tag team partner, returned to WCW. The WLW website reported that The Barbarian had defeated Meng in a fictional match in North Carolina.

11-10-2000 The Griz (2) (Joplin, MO)

1-20-2001 Luminous Warrior (4) (Eldon, MO)

-Special referee for this match was Harley Race.

3-31-2001 "Hacksaw" Butch Reed (Crocker, MO)

1-25-2002 "The Drill Instructor" Dennis McHawes (Imperial, MO)

-Defeated "Hacksaw" Butch Reed and Ron Harris in a three-way match.

6-29-2002 VACATED

-"Drill Instructor" Dennis McHawes was stripped of the title when he failed to appear for a scheduled title defense.

6-29-2002 "Wild" Wade Chism (East St. Louis, IL)

-Defeated "Sexy" Ace Steel and Trevor Rhodes in a three-way match for the vacant title.

7-13-2002 Takao Omori (Omaha, NE)

1-4-2003 Superstar Steve (Neosho, MO)

2-8-2003 Haku (Meng) (3) (El Dorado Springs, MO)
3-22-2003 VACATED
-Title was held-up following a controversial finish to a match between Haku and Trevor Rhodes.
5-2-2003 Ron Powers (Kansas City, MO)
-Defeated Superstar Steve in a tournament final.
7-19-2003 Ron Harris (Eldon, MO)
9-12-2003 Takeshi Morishima (1) (Tokyo, Japan)

3-26-2004 Rick Steiner (1) (Chariton, IA)

3-27-2004 Takeshi Morishima (2) (Bolivar, MO)

6-1-2004 Daisuke Ikeda (Sapporo, Japan)

8-1-2004 Rick Steiner (2)