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Steel Domain Wrestling
SDW Tag Team Championship
SDW Heavyweight Championship
SDW Tag Team Championship
SDW Television Championship

12-18-1998 Red Tyler & "Sodbuster" Kenny Jay

5-1-1999 Adrian Lynch & Dan Jesser (West St. Paul, MN)

10-16-1999 The Montana Extremists (West St. Paul, MN)

-Defeated Dan Jesser & Mortimer Plumtree.

1-28-2000 Hellraiser Blood & Primetime (West St. Paul, MN)

-Defeated The Montana Extremists, Cruel & Unusual and "Sherriff" Johnny Emerald & "Playboy" Pete Huge in the "Robert Steele Rumble."

2-26-2000 Tony DeNucci & "Tasty" Travis Lee (West St. Paul, MN)

12-29-2001 JB Trask & Johnny Parks (West St. Paul, MN)

4-27-2002 VACATED

-JB Trask & Johnny Parks were stripped of the title as a result of Trask attacking SDW promoter Ed Hellier.

12-28-2002 Red Lightning & Travis Sharpe (West St. Paul, MN)

-Defeated Kujo & Kevin Krueger for the vacant title.

3-15-2003 Tony Brasco & JB Trask (Lakeville, MN)

7-18-2003 Ted "Piston" Dixon & Dan "Casual" Sexon (Savage, MN)

-Defeated JB Trask & Mason Quinn, subbing for Tony Brasco.

3-2004 VACATED

3-20-2004 Mason Quinn & JB Trask (Montgomery, MN)

-Defeated Rick Renslow & Travis Sharpe in a tournament final.

6-12-2004 Rick Renslow & Pat Bullinski (Maple Grove, MN)

-Won a "Tag Team Playoff."