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Independent Wrestling Revolution
IWR King Of The Indies Championship
IWR Heavyweight Championship
IWR Tag Team Championship
IWR King Of The Indies Championship
Yukon Braxton Memorial Championship

8-25-2001 "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr (Detroit, MI)

-Won a "Royal Rumble" style match to become the first champion.

6-22-2002 Gabriel Brimstone (Sterling Heights, MI)

10-19-2002 Amazing N8 (1) (Sterling Heights, MI)

1-25-2003 AJ Styles (Sterling Heights, MI)

1-25-2003 Amazing N8 (2) (Sterling Heights, MI)

4-19-2003 "Jumpin'" Jimmy Jacobs (Sterling Heights, MI)

-Defeated Amazing N8, Chris Sabin, and Elvis Elliot in a four-way match.

7-26-2003 "The Next" Bryer Wellington (Sterling Heights, MI)

9-27-2003 Frankie The Face (Warren, MI)

3-21-2004 Gutter (Detroit, MI)

-This match was for both Frankie The Face’s MMWA Marquee and IWR King Of The Indies Championships.