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National Federation of Wrestling
NFW United States Championship
NFW Heavyweight Championship
NFW Tag Team Championship
NFW United States Championship
NFW Cruiserweight Championship
NFW Midwest Extreme Championship
NFW Junior Lightweight Championship
NFW Hardcore Championship

6-29-2000 Darkchild (1) (Glen Flora, WI)

-Pinned Red Lightning in a six-man tag team match to win the title.

5-4-2002 Amerikid (Eau Claire, WI)

8-9-2002 Darkchild (2) (Ladysmith, WI)

-Defeated Amerikid and Chaz Kildare in a three-way match.

9-1-2002 Peter B. Beautiful (Weyerhauser, WI)

10-4-2002 Chaz Kildare (Manitowac, WI)

10-2002 VACATED

-Chaz Kildare was stripped of the title for missing a mandatory title defense.

10-19-2002 Boogieman (1) (Ladysmith, WI)

-Defeated Mercenary, Anicrusix and Balls Nakana in a four-way elimination match for the vacant title.

12-2002 VACATED

-The title was vacated due to controversy stemming from the four-way match and a subsequent failure to defend.

12-21-2002 Boogieman (2) (Sheldon, WI)

-Defeated Darkchild in a tournament final for the vacant title.

6-21-2003 Tiny Tubbs (Cornell, WI)

6-5-2004 Adrian Serrano (Radisson, WI)