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National Federation of Wrestling
NFW Hardcore Championship
NFW Heavyweight Championship
NFW Tag Team Championship
NFW United States Championship
NFW Cruiserweight Championship
NFW Midwest Extreme Championship
NFW Junior Lightweight Championship
NFW Hardcore Championship

5-26-2001 Chaz Kildare (Ladysmith, WI)

-Defeated Peter B. Beautiful to become the first champion.

7-7-2001 Peter B. Beautiful (1) (Bruce, WI)

9-3-2001 J-Real (1) (Bruce, WI)

9-3-2001 Peter B. Beautiful (2) (Bruce, WI)

11-3-2001 LaPean The Dream (1) (Halder, WI)

-LaPean The Dream had defeated a masked wrestler called "PBB." Afterward PBB was unmasked and revealed to be Hardcore Champion Peter B. Beautiful. As a result of the victory, NFW officials awarded LaPean the championship.

2-2002 VACATED

-LaPean The Dream was forced to vacate the title due to injuries.

2-15-2002 Peter B. Beautiful (3) (Hayward, WI)

-Defeated Mike The Machine for the vacant title.

3-9-2002 Dinn T. Moore (1) (Stratford, WI)

3-9-2002 J-Real (2) (Stratford, WI)

3-9-2002 Peter B. Beautiful (4) (Stratford, WI)

5-25-2002 Stat IC (Bruce, WI)

5-25-2002 Peter B. Beautiful (5) (Bruce, WI)

6-1-2002 Dinn T. Moore (2) (Menomonie, WI)

8-24-2002 "Superstar" Steve Stardom (Altoona, WI)

-Defeated Dinn T. Moore and Tiny Tubbs in a three-way match.

11-16-2002 Amerikid (Chippewa Falls, WI)

1-2003 VACATED

-Amerikid was stripped of the title for missing two title defenses.

1-18-2003 Anicrusix (1) (Chippewa Falls, WI)

-Defeated Alex Steel, McCoy Counterfeit and Robbie Thunder in a four-way elimination match for the vacant title.

4-26-2003 Tiny Tubbs (Phillips, WI)

5-10-2003 Anicrusix (2) (Prentice, WI)

-Defeated Suicidal Youth.  The match was supposed to be a three-way with champion Tiny Tubbs, but Tubbs came out and gave up both his title and his spot in the match.

6-1-2003 "Big Dog" Dave Rose (Ladysmith, WI)

6-1-2003 Ace Spade (Ladysmith, WI)

6-1-2003 Anicrusix (3) (Ladysmith, WI)

7-2003 VACATED

7-4-2003 LaPean The Dream (2) (Winter, WI)

-Defeated Sledge, Exodus and Shinobi in a gauntlet match.

On 8-3-2003 the NFW Hardcore Title was combined with the NFW Junior Lightweight Title to form the NFW Midwest Extreme Title.